Tom Styler discovered his passion for photography very early: Already with 10 years he arose his first used reflex camera. After he had worked as an assistant at various photographers, he made himself independent as a photographer and photo designer already before his study of business administration.

Tom Styler was responsible for numerous „marketing & design“ projects with the University of Mannheim and the University for applied sciences of design Mannheim. From 1991 to 1994 he lived and worked in Berlin. Meanwhile, he is established as a renowned model photographer.

Tom Styler connects his passion for photography and perfection with the artistic conversion of his personal perception. Hereunder applies to him until today: To reproduce the various dimensions of reality in the two dimensions of the photocopy. Only the successful mixture between light play, technology, creativity and the spirit of the moment make a photo valuable and interesting.

Actually, he works on some long-term photo projects and new illuminating engineering. Apart from his outstanding expertise in the model business, he works also for the press and marketing departments of branded companies.

On many international journeys, Tom Styler has shot numerous fashion photos. On these journeys, he made a lot of qualified acquaintances, partly with Eileen and Jerry Ford, owner of in these days world largest model agency Ford Models in New York.

The tremendous archive of Tom Styler covers more than 50000 photos.